Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life in Pashupatinath Briddhashram (Old People's Home)

Once i saw one of Bangladeshi Photogrpaher's photo on Pashupatinath Briddhashram where i found a caption was like "Nepal is a country where poverty is a great problem, day by day here population increasing rapidly and it becoming another problem. Lots of old people have to live with their family but because of poverty sometimes they keep the old people outside the home" and i read another Caption was like that " Pashupatinath Briddhasharam is a Government Subsidized old home so the old people don't get good food and treatment because of corruption of administration" but i stayed thee for long time and i realized that if any old people died there the reason should be OVER FEEDING because lots of people come and feed the old people and lots of donor who patronizing this old home. i talked to few people they said the are better here rather than their family. All are stranger but thee Strangers made their new family here. They start their day with prayer (Bhajaan Song) then take breakfast and go to their room or chat with each others. sometimes they work to clean the premises and some are help to cook. The most important observation was the employee/stuffs are not act as employee. they worked here like Volunteer. Most of the official stuffs are walking around always to look after these people, talk to them, cook for them. There is Medical Team where are Doctor and Nurse.

The Old Home authority allows people from outside those who are like to work as volunteer. There I Found Some Volunteer from Spain,USA,England,Germany,Austria and a Nepalese volunteer with Mothers of Charity Sisters. They work for those who are really unable to do for themselves. There was Sistar Maria Pushpam from India who take care of myself very cordially.

There i found some faces like Chuni Devi (she called me Son), Chetan Maya, Barman Thapa. Dumi Bahadur, and so more...they most jolly person is Giri Prashad everyone call him Giri bhai, a official NAme Chinta Moni i talked with him in kitchen when he was cooking food though hi is an official. it was really a good time to know and feel something very unusual in Pashupatinath Briddhashram (Old People's Home)


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